When history meet future-Air Max 180

Published: 11th October 2011
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"Will the innovation and inspiration to every athlete of the world " is Nike declaration. In early 2006, Max 360 the appearance of the technology in the Air that the innovation of the NIKE stepped into a new era, 360 degrees all Air cushion technology will NIKE mattress technology to the top. In the fall of 2006, NIKE, this one attack again technology is widely used and expand, in basketball shoes and running shoes are put in the Air Max 360 the essence of technology for the athletes, provide more innovation and inspiration to enjoy.
As early as in 25 years ago, NIKE with NIKE AIR air max pas cher rewritten history. Runners put on it, immediately there will be a different sense, however, the key technology was hidden in the shoes of foam in, in is invisible to the consumer. A pure chance, NIKE's a designer in check sample found that, in the bubble in the shoes of interlining taken from the mold when leaving some holes, it is part of the air cushion unit. This discovery has changed the face of the industry.
NIKE published in 1987 by Max sports shoes, marked the Air is the beginning of technology type. From then on, each generation of Air Max shoes before in the basis of the improvement, to provide more strong shock, also shows more and more strong innovation ability. Eventually, the revolution through the Air to the Max 360 launched a, this is not the first pair of in the bubble of running shoes. Is also based on the new Air Max unit, NIKE shoes product designers Andrew Caine produced inspiration, create a revolutionary of Air Max180 running shoes.
Said to running shoes, the most important is the sole to have good shock to try to reduce the damage from the impact. Nike Air Max series is, it is the sole running shoes made of Air. Andrew tried to Max 360 running shoes revolutionary in Air technique is applied to Air in 180 Max. Through the and footwear development division Hans Guenther closely together, Andrew studied the whole palm cushions, and judge the shall be in what place will be divided into two and a half, and Air to Air Max 180 a without the heel of my bubble.
Through the Air to the design of the Max 180 running shoes, Andrew hope will Nike AIR constantly continue. He carefully study the previous paragraph, made clear the Air of Max sneakers this a series of key elements of the sports shoes, and then started to draw sketches, thus designed a creative work. Through the use of mat skin, not only for the new Andrew without bubble Max 180 running shoes built up the frame and a foot and sufficient with to provide strong support. But this kind of practice in the Air Max series products also quite common. Through the sports shoes front feet parts of the design, the shoes of the bending groove elastic strengthened, and also presents the dynamic aesthetic feeling.

Introduction of Air Max 180
*Transparent Pebax cage packages and support the Nike Air-Sole unit, use Air Max give enough to bring excellent shock
*Lightweight mesh vamp has the good permeability
*Waffle Fill shoes and flexible, soft, durable in groove can enhance the flexibility, bending
*Suitable for the foot arch in the insole hinged and into
*Sufficient with the outside of the belt can enhance sufficient with comfort
*Sufficient with BRS1000 carbon black rubber match with curved groove, can make the foot natural activities
*In the front feet bending groove can make the foot activities nature

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